Why the Snow White was poisoned?


… because she didn’t use GREENTEST nitrate tester before eating the apple!


Consumption of excess nitrates/nitrites/nitrosamines seems to play a role in creating or worsening these disease processes. The professionally-worded title of this 2009 publication conceals a strong underlying message:  Epidemilogical trends strongly suggest exposures as etiologic agents in the pathogenesis of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes mellitus, and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: “Nitrosamines mediate their mutagenic effects by causing DNA damage, oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation, and pro-inflammatory cytokine activation, which lead to increased cellular degeneration and death. However, the very same pathophysiological processes comprise the “unbuilding” blocks of aging and insulin-resistance diseases including, neurodegeneration, diabetes mellitus (DM), and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Previous studies demonstrated that experimental exposure to streptozotocin, a nitrosamine-related compound, causes NASH, and diabetes mellitus Types 1, 2 and 3 (Alzheimer (AD)-type neurodegeneration).

Potential solutions include:

1) eliminating the use of nitrites in food;

2) reducing nitrate levels in fertilizer and water used to irrigate crops; and

3) employing safe and effective measures to detoxify food and water prior to human consumption.

Why do you need ecotester “Greentest ECO”?

Did you know that the popular word “nitrates” (salt of nitric acid) means the same thing as the forgotten “saltpetre”. All vegetables that are grown with the help of mineral fertilizer (not natural) in themselves have nitrates. So, what else do you need to know?

  1. The nitrates for the human body are absolutely harmless. Danger is represented by nitrites, which are released during the cleavage of nitrates. Nitrites bind to hemoglobin in the blood and as a result, the ability of hemoglobin cells to transfer oxygen is deprived. Nitrites help the pathogens of the intestines multiply and this is what causes the poisoning.
  2. Nitrates accumulate in such parts of plants: stems of parsley and dill; in the upper leaves, stump and pruns of white cabbage; in the apex and in the thin root of the beet; in the inner core of the carrot; in the skin of cucumbers and radish; in the greenish part of potatoes and carrots. 3. The safest way of cooking vegetables is cooking. When cooking vegetables for a couple of nitrates go to a lesser extent. And when frying and quenching nitrates in dishes, it becomes less by only 10%.
  3. Vitamin C inhibits the formation of nitrosamines in the body. Therefore, if you want to consume vegetables in which there are nitrates (not seasonally early), neutralize their effect by using fruit juice (orange, lemon, etc.) or tablets of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
  4. In sliced ​​vegetables neutralize nitrates can be with the help of vegetable oils: olive or sunflower. But mayonnaise and sour cream accelerate the process of nitrate cleavage in the body.
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