We thought you might have liked the Greentest Nitrate tester, but you will LOVE the new ECO 5+! With brand new, never before seen, technology, we have taken the Nitrate tester a step further to ensure better performance, better accuracy, better results and better user experience! How? With our new ECO 5+ tester, you can now test for even MORE types of food including fish!


The device now features a newer, thinner and sleeker design to match our vision for the future of the Nitrate Tester. The device now carries up to 70 different types of fruits, vegetables and meats! With more accurate results for testing TDS levels in water and better detection of background radiation! And finally, we`ve taken it a step further and added fish to our menu! The ECO 5+ now tests for nitrates in your sea food products as well.


As nitrates have been proven to be one of the leading causes of cancer, we are working tirelessly to ensure our devices are armed with the right hardware and software to detect nitrates in your food to the most accurate level possible at the fastest timing clocking in at just below 3 seconds! Our probes have been redone to be stronger and even more durable than in the ECO 4 tester!

With background radiation increasing as the 4th Industrial Revolution thrives, we`ve ensured that our probes detect radiation to a more accurate level by improving the sensitivity in the probes which are now installed within our new ECO 5+ tester. These probes have proven 5% more accuracy resulting in a total of a whopping 96% accurate results in just under 3 seconds!


So why? Why GreenTest? It all comes back down to your health. Your health is the most important to us. We are here to help you change the way you live, to be better, to be healthier, happier and more active in your daily routine. Nitrates are everywhere. As nitrates cannot be eliminated, we are here to help you avoid them! And with our nitrate tester, you can do just that!


With a lower intake of nitrates, your body will naturally become more immune to various diseases and your risks of getting cancer will automatically lower down. This is the way to go, as farmers and food distributors do not test for nitrates, its up to us as consumers to check our food before we consume it. We need to change our consumer behavior and have a healthier approach to the food we eat.


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